Fiber Optic Cabling Systems: 
Of an enterprise network, fiber optic cabling needs for automation, site inspection, exploration, design, materials and sales of active and passive fiber optic installation, fiber optic cable installation and commissioning covers.
Fiber Optic Termination (Fusion Splice): 
An entity's new and previously established fiber optic cables fiber optic splice device (fusion splicer) and termination, severed and broken cables terrain additional box, adding commissioning works covers.
Network Infrastructure and Structured Cabling Systems: 
A company's new and existing structured cabling needs for exploration, design, fiber optics, data (copper kablo-cat5/cat6/cat7), telephone, energy (Uninterruptible power supply and network), TV, audio and video systems, cable by the standards of withdrawal active and passive sales and installation of materials, determined in rack cabinet in centers of cable termination, labeling, transferring the project to be delivered on the physical realization, the system (data center) room includes arranging jobs.
Rack Cabinets and Accessories Sales, Installation: 
Of a business system (data center) rooms, floor distribution point required for Server cabinets, cabinets Standing and Wall, PC-UPS carrier and accessories sales, installation work covers.
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Sales and Installation: 
A company's server, system (data center) rooms, computer systems, automation systems, uninterrupted power to enable operators, site inspection, exploration, power supply sale of infrastructure and mounting works covers.
Raised Floor Flooring Systems: 
In a business system (data center) rooms, control room automation, continuous changes made ​​at different heights in the room load-resistant, anti-static properties 600 * 600 mm covers the installation of the panels.